Friday, September 25, 2009

Yoga and Ethics

Being a Yoga student has taught me a lot about centering myself and my thoughts, and has led me to focus on being open minded and disciplined. If you radiate love, then love with be sent back unto you. I believe that Yogis are truly special people who share and help others in the community.

With that being said, unfortunately every so often there comes a time when certain individuals who claim to live a "Yoga Lifestyle" turn out to be posers (pun intended).

A good customer and friend of ours at, has recently seen a severe drop in sales of a Yoga Mat she created. She later discovered that one of the Yoga companies she had been selling her mats to actually stole her design and began selling these mats under their own name at a cheaper price.

I understand that while she hadn't copyrighted the Mandala Yoga Mat she created, it doesn't make it right for this large Yoga Company to take her business away. She has tried contacting this company to get some sort of answers, but of course they are ignoring her. They obviously know what they did was wrong, but to them, money is more important than being ethical.

To learn more about this story, please read the The Mandala Yoga Mat Blog and considering purchasing one of these innovative circular mats to support small, ethical businesses.

I just have one word to say to the online Yoga company who has done so much harm: Karma.

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Loretta said...

Good article. Thanks for sharing. It's disgusting what some people will do to make a dollar. Why can't people think for themselves and create something. But no, they have to steal someone elses idea. Sad.