Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a swollen foot...and a show to perform in tomorrow!

For the past 2 months I have been rehearsing with Soma Dance Company 5 times a week for our "Soma in Solo" Concert at the Wadsworth Athaneum on April 25th (tomorrow!), and it has really been stressing out my body. Soma Dance Company is mostly a modern dance company, but we also incorporate martial arts and athletic lifts and partnering. I feel I am strong enough to perform, but I also feel that my body is trying to tell em I have had enough. With my intense rehearsal schedule I haven't had any time to include Yoga into my routine, which would probably help me stretch out my aching muscles. And while I do some Yoga as warm-ups for dance, I haven't done just a full class...and I REALLY need to!

Unfortunately, about 3 weeks ago the ball of my left foot started hurting me. I thought it was just a stone bruise because it felt tolerable and I feel like I had hurt myself this way before. I looked it up on the internet and read that stone bruises take about 2 weeks to heal and there's really nothing you can do about them until they go away on their own. So I waited, and last week it felt like it had healed! However, two days ago, the pain came back and the swelling increased. I started icing it every day, but yesterday at rehearsal the pain was so bad I could hardly walk! I am really nervous I have done more than just bruised it, but our "Soma in Solo" performance is tomorrow and I will just have to suck it up. Of course after the show I am going to get my foot X-rayed. I have never broken anything in my body before and have always been really careful...but perhaps I am just getting too old :)

Earth Day was on Wednesday! At, we celebrated with a special sale. In fact this weekend only we are having ANOTHER sale. If you spend over $100, you will receive a free gift! We also added a TON of new Thera-Band® items to our stock, like Mats, Balls, Exercise Bands, and more.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just in Time for Earth Day - Our New Charter Oak Brand Yoga Mat Cleanser!

I am so excited to announce that recently created a new biodegradable and eco-friendly Yoga Mat Cleanser and it is now available for you to buy - just in time for Earth Day! You can get an 8oz Bottle of our new Charter Oak Brand Yoga Mat Cleanser by Clicking Here!

Here's the press release announcing our new Yoga Mat Cleanser:

YogaDirect’s New Mat Cleaner Provides Greener Cleaner Workout

Hartford, CT, March 09, 2009 ---, the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality yoga equipment in the United States, unveiled its new yoga mat cleaner this week after an intensive 6 month product development period. Branded as Charter Oak Yoga Mat Cleanser, the pump spray cleaner is made of all natural ingredients and provides a new improved solution for avoiding infections commonly contracted by using insufficiently cleaned yoga mats or other gym equipment.

A recent report from The New York Times claims some doctors have seen a 50% spike in the number of patients developing athlete’s foot and plantar warts. It’s been determined that the likely culprit is exercising on unclean yoga mats or other fitness equipment. Yoga mats are particularly prone to harvesting harmful bacteria, as the surface is porous and often left damp after usage. This allows the mat to become a breeding ground for millions of bacteria, which can cause infections such as staph, warts, and even life threatening MRSA. Working out on a clean yoga mat is a crucial step to helping prevent such ailments. “We were unsatisfied with other mat cleaners currently available on the market and we feel preventing the spread of such afflictions is of utmost importance. Therefore, we made a huge commitment to our customers by spending over half a year perfecting our Charter Oak Yoga Mat Cleaner,” stated account representative Susan Volenec.

Beyond offering the perfect formula for safeguarding yogis, also wanted to offer a truly environmentally friendly product. Therefore, Charter Oak Yoga Mat Cleanser is made from 100% natural and bio-degradable ingredients. “YogaDirect’s new mat cleaner is the smart choice for you and the environment!” continues Volenec. Even though the cleaning agent is composed of all natural ingredients such as citrus oil and coconut oil, the all-in-one cleanser is versatile enough to be used for daily cleansing or thorough occasional use. is the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality yoga equipment in the United States. Since launching in 1999, YogaDirect has taken great pride in its’ outstanding customer service, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee policy, low prices, and high quality. For more information, please contact Shelly Ouellette at 1-800-331-8233 or visit