Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take the time to live in the moment...

This Memorial Day weekend, my fiance and I took a much needed camping trip in Massachusetts. I was feeling extremely stressed out, having woke up with a stiff neck the morning we were going to leave for the trip, and just really needed to spend some time and relax. Fortunately, that is exactly what we did all weekend long - RELAX!

One thing I realized while camping was how much I really need to remember to live in the moment. Day to day life really puts a lot on our shoulders and we become worriers. I know for myself I really love driving, but lately I find myself thinking more about how I need to get to my destination (on time!) than about driving itself. That's probably not the safest thing for my body or my mind... I am sure my tense neck was a sign that I need to relax.

One of my friends on Facebook started a class at a YMCA in Raleigh, NC called "Power Siesta," and it sounds like such a great class! It combines a little bit of Yoga with a lot of relaxation. (You can read the article here.) I know my c-workers and I always joke about having "adult nap time" but I think it would really be a great idea. Just a way that we can remember to relax and enjoy the life that is going on all around us.

That is a good thing to think about this week :) Namaste!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Reduce scar tissue with YOGA!

I went to the foot doctor the other day because I have been having pain in the ball of my left foot for about two months now and needed to know what was wrong with it. Since the pain was on my left foot, and my left ankle has always been stiff and sore, I decided to ask the doc about that problem as well.

After waiting 2 hours in a packed waiting room (is this customary these days???), the doctor took 3 X-Rays of my foot. He told me the pain in the ball of my foot is caused my tendinitis and bursitis and gave me some ant-inflammatory medicine to help it. I was relieved it wasn't a bone fracture or something else.

The X-Rays also showed that my left ankle had a marble-sized bone just hanging out in my Achilles. The doctor told me I must have broken my ankle as a child and the bone just sat there. He said it had been there for a long time because it was smooth.

The doctor told me I could either go to physical therapy...or YOGA class to work out the scar tissue! Go figure the doctor would recommend Yoga :) I'll definitely be choosing that method of rehab over the physical therapy!

So that is the story about my bum left foot :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Biggest Loser...UPDATE!

Today was our first week weigh-in for the Biggest Loser contest we are having at YogaDirect. Unfortunately, I seem to have GAINED a pound!!! Oh well, looks like I have to try harder next week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

YogaDirect Celebrates Pilates Day, 2009 at Life Time Fitness in Eagan, Minnesota!

On Saturday May 2, 2009 Life Time Fitness in Eagan, Minnesota celebrated Pilates Day and YogaDirect was proud to help out with the event! Here are some photos of the Pilates Classes that went on that day, as well as happy students standing with the event's coordinator, Deb Preachuk. Below the photos, you can find the nice article written by Deb Preachuk about the event! Thanks so much to Deb Preachuk for organizing such a fun day!

Pilates Day, 2009 at Life Time Fitness in Eagan, Minnesota

Pilates Day, 2009 at Life Time Fitness in Eagan, Minnesota

"Hello PMA! My name is Deb Preachuk. On Saturday May 2nd, 2009 I was privileged to host and celebrate Pilates Day 2009 at Life Time Fitness in Eagan, Minnesota. It was a fantastic and well attended event in a state of the art heated studio! Our theme for the day was 100 people doing the 100! It was so wonderful to see men and women, of all abilities, ages, races and backgrounds enjoying the benefits of a strong principle centered Pilates mat class. Although the event was hosted at a members only facility, we were able to provide guest passes to family, friends and the community at large, thus honoring the concept of providing pilates programming that is accessible and affordable by all!

We received amazing support from YogaDirect.com and the Eagan Life Time Fitness Life Spa. In addition to two STOTT Pilates power packs, YogaDirect.com provided an amazing assortment of prizes to giveaway. Items included a stability ball, yoga mat, blocks, stretch strap and eye pillow. Each participant also received a specially printed discount coupon for 10% of purchases with YogaDirect.com in honor of Pilates Day 2009. The Eagan Life Time Fitness Life Spa donated a hot stone massage as a prize at the event, and provided hot lavender scented towels to each participant at the end of the workout. All I can say is that the whole event and environment was Fabulous!!

This event would not have been possible without the help and support of so many important people. I'd like to thank: Ray Infante at the PMA, Anne West my amazing student volunteer for the event who organized the prizes and took photos, Julie Kiecker (Eagan Life Time Fitness Group Fitness Department Head), Amy Koop (Eagan Life Time Fitness Life Spa Department Head), and Shelly Ouellette at YogaDirect.com Because of their care and support Pilates Day 2009 in Eagan Minnesota was a huge success!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser - At YogaDirect.com

All the employees here at YogaDirect.com (where I work) decided to start a Biggest Loser competition! Since summer is coming and bathing suit weather is on its way, we all decided it was a fun way we could all help each other get in shape. There's 14 of us, and we are separated into 2 teams. Whichever team loses the greatest percentage of body weight by the end of 9 weeks will win a prize! I will keep you posted on our progress :)

Another exciting happening at YogaDirect.com is we are getting new Microban Yoga Mats! These mats are the best mats to use if you are a heavy Yoga practitioner, as they repel harmful bacteria that lingers in normal mats. I'll let you all know when those mats arrive - how exciting!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

YogaDirect now has Yoga Mats for kids!

I HAD to write a post about these new mats because they are so adorable! Our new Kids Yoga Mats have been causing quite a stir parents are bringing Yoga into the lives of their children. Yoga is sooooo good for kids! And our new mats will make it fun for kids to practice. The new mats are shorter than regular mats - perfectly sized for smaller bodies. And they are brightly colored with images of turtles, butterflies, or suns on them. Take a look:

New Kids Yoga Mats at YogaDirect.comOur new Kids Yoga Mats

Also, here's a press release about our new Yoga Mats for Kids:

YogaDirect’s New Kids Yoga Mats Attract People of All Ages

Hartford, CT, May 7, 2009 --- YogaDirect.com, the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality yoga equipment in the United States, released their new line of Kids Yoga Mats for sale to both retail and wholesale consumers earlier this week. These new Yoga Mats are shorter in length than regular Yoga Mats, and have bright, fun designs printed on them; however, the real appeal of these mats is they encourage children to practice Yoga. Jason Nocera, the designer of these new kids’ mats states, “I created these fun mats in hopes adults would learn more about the benefits of practicing Yoga with their children.”

A recent report based on 1997-98 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), states that approximately 1.6 million of American elementary school-aged children have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With a substantial amount of our youth affected by this disorder, it has become an increasing concern to find safe and effective alternative methods to help children feel like themselves again. Recently, parents have begun seeking Yoga and meditation programs for their children to serve as healthy activities they can practice to help them calm their overactive minds. Yoga has been shown to not only help treat children with ADHD and other related disorders, but it also increases a muscle flexibility and strength, helping children grow stronger physically.

By looking at the new line of Kids Yoga Mats at YogaDirect.com, one can see they were designed with children in mind. The mats are shortened to 60” long and 24” wide, and come in 3 different colors decorated with bright images of butterflies, turtles, and suns. The mats are perfect for organizations that provide Yoga classes for children in summer camps, as well as for schools and private studios with similar programs. These new mats not only provide an inviting way for children to feel more comfortable while practicing, but they also allow parents an easy way to introduce their children to the benefits of Yoga with a line of products they can call their own.

YogaDirect.com is the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality yoga equipment in the United States. Since launching in 1999, YogaDirect has taken great pride in its’ outstanding customer service, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee policy, low prices, and high quality. For more information, please contact Emily Nichols at 1-800-331-8233 or visit www.YogaDirect.com.