Monday, February 1, 2010

Dreams About Being Scared...

I usually can't remember my dreams, but this morning I remembered every detail of the dream I had last night, and I am wondering if it was one of those dreams I am supposed to ponder about.

I was at this place where you and your friends would ride in this flume-type water ride, but it was more complex than a regular flume ride because it had all sorts of buttons & knobs as if it was some sort of aircraft carrier. And the flume was on top of this HUGE hill.

I had gone down the flume a few times with friends, as some of them sat up to 3 people at a time, but I had never taken on the controls and let the other people in my craft decide the speed, settings, etc. of the ride.

However, this last time, the conductor chose me to go in a single rider. I looked at him and said, "No, I don't think I am ready to go alone. I need one more time down with friends. There are too many controls and I feel overwhelmed."

The conductor looked at me and said, "No, there's no time," and scooped me up to fasten me in the one seated ride. I looked down the hill at the trail I was about to face...and woke up.

While I will never know how I made it down that hill, I do remember feeling extreme anxiety in my dream! I wonder if it's a metaphor for something going on in my life right now. Perhaps I am letting other take over my I living on co-pilot? What a crazy way to start the week!

Have any of you had any prophetic dreams like that? Or can you shed some light on my dream if you know what it could mean? Thanks!


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YogaMaendy said...

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