Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Should You Practice Yoga When You are Sick?

One of my friends on Facebook asked me a very good question the other day: Should you exercise when you are sick?

I posted the question on my account to see if anyone else had any ideas & got some good responses:

"No cardio if its upper respiratory crud and no heavy lifting if you've got a fever, but, regardless of what you've got, a slow restorative yoga practice may feel relaxing, healing, and calming. :)"
-Joanne C.

"Doesn't it depend? A good sweat can help release what is in your body and especially help with congestion. Not a good idea if symptoms include fever or weakness. Also depends on exercise. Swimming, yoga, tai chai I think would all be ok if just a little under the weather. Curious to see what other and the experts say."
-Alicia M. A.

I know that in Bikram class if I have a runny or stuffed nose, I cannot breathe in certain postures, but I think that if i was REALLY sick, not only would I want to stay home to rest, but I wouldn't want to pass on my germs to others in class.

What are your thoughts about practicing Yoga when you are sick?


Emma said...

its totally dependent on the kind of sick, the stage. the easiest answer is to listen to your body; it'll know if it wants to lie in bed all day, do some gentle poses or yin, or go take a quick jog to get the endorphins flowing.

YogaMaendy said...

Thanks for your input. I agree..if you can't move, it's best to just rest :)

Eco Yogini said...

you know.... sometimes when I practice yoga and I'm on the verge of being sick, I will get sick so much more quickly. I think (without ANY evidence except anecdotally) that the movement actually quickens the virus or bacterial progression through my body. which make it 'feel' like i'm worse, but in fact makes me heal faster- as the sickness moves through and is dealt with more quickly.

I also don't practice yoga asana when I have a fever... rest and recover :)
yoga asana will be there when i am better :)

Care Info said...

Yoga may be more effective than standard treatment in reducing chronic low back pain in minority populations, according to new study.
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