Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Year of Bikram Yoga Ends in June, But...

I am going to admit, though Bikram Yoga is my favorite, signing up for a year of classes has kind of paid a toll on my practice. Since signing up for a year's worth of classes last June, I have devoted MUCH of my time to practicing only Bikram Yoga.

I tried to get to class at least 3 times a week, mostly to justify the fact that a large sum of money was debiting from my bank account every month to pay for my practice. While I do love the class, I found myself getting bored. Though the routine was something I originally embraced when I signed up for the year's worth of classes, I feel as though I have neglected the millions of other postures I could have been practicing all year round that don't involve Bikram Yoga.

For instance, my good friend Amy, is now killer at headstands. She gets to practice inverted postures whenever she goes to class. I would like to learn some awesome inverted postures as well, but because my money has been tied into the Bikram studio, I haven't been able to take any other classes. I am pretty good at doing the same, sweaty 26 postures. But is that enough? Not for me.

My last class isn't until May, but I am looking forward to being FREE to take whatever classes I want :) Though I did learn lots of discipline and structure through practicing the same 26 postures over and over again, I don't recommend anyone signing up for just a year of Bikram Yoga. Taking it month by month, or even class by class is probably your best bet. Not every day is a Bikram Yoga day, you know? :)

Anyways, BIG changed have been going on at We just completed an entire redesign of the site, and have focused more on wholesale Yoga props. Hurray for Yoga Studios! :) Regular Yogis can still purchase the same great Yoga equipment on our site, but we now require a $50.00 minimum for each purchase...which still isn't bad, considering our prices are still the lowest around!

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