Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yoga in Sin City

I just got back from being in Las Vegas for the ASD/AMD Trade Show. It was a general merchandise trade show, and our booth was sandwiched in between a fleece blanket vendor and a tobacco pipe vendor (not very zen :) We were there to mostly get people introduced to our company, and to hopefully educate new and existing businesses about the benefits of Yoga and its impact in the health and fitness world.

My colleage Kristen and I were very successful at getting people to at least look at our booth, which is the hardest task at a trade show. We did so by replacing the chairs the show provided us at our booth with Yoga balls. We bounced on those things for 8 hours straight for four days, and not only was it fun, we worked our abs as well! Many people stopped by and we talked to them about Yoga, Pilates, and all the equipment and props we sell. Most people told us we had the most fun booth in the whole show! We handed out tons of brochures and met a lot of really great people. All in all I think the trade show was a success...and Las Vegas was pretty fun too!

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