Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a swollen foot...and a show to perform in tomorrow!

For the past 2 months I have been rehearsing with Soma Dance Company 5 times a week for our "Soma in Solo" Concert at the Wadsworth Athaneum on April 25th (tomorrow!), and it has really been stressing out my body. Soma Dance Company is mostly a modern dance company, but we also incorporate martial arts and athletic lifts and partnering. I feel I am strong enough to perform, but I also feel that my body is trying to tell em I have had enough. With my intense rehearsal schedule I haven't had any time to include Yoga into my routine, which would probably help me stretch out my aching muscles. And while I do some Yoga as warm-ups for dance, I haven't done just a full class...and I REALLY need to!

Unfortunately, about 3 weeks ago the ball of my left foot started hurting me. I thought it was just a stone bruise because it felt tolerable and I feel like I had hurt myself this way before. I looked it up on the internet and read that stone bruises take about 2 weeks to heal and there's really nothing you can do about them until they go away on their own. So I waited, and last week it felt like it had healed! However, two days ago, the pain came back and the swelling increased. I started icing it every day, but yesterday at rehearsal the pain was so bad I could hardly walk! I am really nervous I have done more than just bruised it, but our "Soma in Solo" performance is tomorrow and I will just have to suck it up. Of course after the show I am going to get my foot X-rayed. I have never broken anything in my body before and have always been really careful...but perhaps I am just getting too old :)

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