Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Had a Yoga Photo Shoot with

I had a Yoga photo shoot with on Monday! I'd like to share some of the great photos with you!

YogaMaendy by

YogaMaendy by

YogaMaendy by

I have been taking it a little easy this week because I injured my left ankle at the Siren Festival this past weekend. I think I damaged a tendon or something because I can't point my left foot anymore. The swelling is finally starting to go down, but the loss of flexibility in my ankle is really bugging me. This is the same ankle I always have troubles with. I made an appointment to see a foot doctor this Friday, so I will keep you posted about the results.


Charlotte said...

These are great! What a creative idea to do a yoga shoot at night. Hope your ankle is feeling better soon...sounds frustrating.

YogaMaendy said...

Thanks! I am glad you liked the photos :) The photographer is working on a series of photos that captures Yoga outside of the yoga studio and into urban areas.

Thanks for the well-wishes about the ankle...and thanks for reading! :)