Monday, July 27, 2009

Yoga in a Canoe at Twin Lakes

This weekend was so rejuvenating! I had to rethink my plans because I am unfortunately wearing a giant orthopedic boot on my left foot. I went to the doctor on Friday and he told me it looks like I had partially torn a tendon in my left ankle (I hurt it while dancing...). I am having an MRI this week so they can see if anything else is going on in my ankle, but for the next two weeks, I am stuck wearing the boot. Dancing is out of the question, the doctor said, but gentle Yoga is ok. He also advised me not to put weight on my left foot, like in balancing postures, so I unfortunately have to take some time off from Bikram Yoga.

So I had to plan activities that didn't put stress on my ankle. My fiance Nathan, and I decided to spend an entire day fishing in a little motorboat yesterday. That way I could sit and relax, and I could rest my ankle and still have fun - great idea! It was my first time out in a boat all day, and I had no idea how cramped I would feel, just sitting there rocking in the boat, waiting for fish to bite.

I occasionally felt the urge to stretch, and I ended up doing several Yoga poses right in the boat! My hamstrings and back were the most sore, so I did a few back bends and wheels, using the seats in the boat as places to put my hands and feet. It was a rush to feel the boat rocking gently as I breathed into the back bend - really relaxing. I sat on a seat and did long butterfly stretches, I did child's pose, upward facing dog, downward facing dog, and Nathan tried to be funny and do a toe stand (Bikram Yoga) on the floor of the boat, but of course the rocking didn't really help :)

Maybe it was all the Yoga in the boat that helped us catch 10 fish!

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