Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pole Dancing for Fitness

At YogaDirect.com, sometimes we have to dive in face first into new trends to continue offering you guys the most innovative yoga, pilates, & fitness equipment possible.

Recently I have been taking Pole Fitness Classes, the latest new trend in fitness, to see what it was all about. I have to say that after taking 2 classes, I am VERY impressed! Achieving the amount of strength, beauty, and technique required in the class is very challenging. I found it to be not only a way to get your entire body conditioned, but it is also a class that gets your out of your "safe" zone...more about that later :)

Since Pole Classes are fairly new to the fitness world, it is very important that you find an instructor that is properly certified. The first class I went to was taught by a random pole dancer, and I feel that she didn't stretch us out properly and condition the class enough to prepare us for the class, and my arms were painfully sore for about a week after!

I took my second Pole Fitness Class last night at the Fuller Movement Center, and the teacher this time was a Certified Pole Dancing Instructor. It was an intro class, so it was packed with about 15 of us newbies.

If you think Pole Fitness is just a bunch of twirls and flips on a pole, you will be quite surprised at the intense warm-up we were given. Not only did we stretch and strengthen for about a half hour to warm up our arms, abdominal muscles, and booties (haha), but we were led to do the exercises in a sensual manner. Cue the embarrassing giggles! Luckily the instructor was there to remind us, "Hey, no one else is allowed to touch your body except you...so do it."

The last part of the class had us paired up at each pole where we learned just how much strength is needed to hold your own body weight up when you are on the pole. Looks like I need to do more handstands in Yoga to get my arm strength up! The class ended with the instructor & her assistant showing us a demo of what you would learn if you signed up for the class. These were some STRONG women!

When I got back home, I looked on YouTube to see some more Pole Dancing tricks and found this amazing video of Miss Pole Dance Australia.

Anyone ready to teach a Yoga on the Pole Class? I'm there!


Emma said...


YogaMaendy said...

LOL! I know, right! :)

Emma said...

i wrote a post in honor of this post, and you!, today :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to correct you on some comments about pole dancing. A certification does not garuntee a good pole instructor. As of yet there is no uniform or standard for teaching classes. A certification just means the person teaching the class believes you are certified. The only legit certification recognized in the pole dancing world is from Pole Catz. What you need to look for in an instructor is A dance background, insurance, a group fitness cert, and usually a sports injury and first aid cert. Some certifications are not even in person. I just wanted to correct you on this. I have been a teacher for several years and am still practicing and studying. Just be careful and smart when picking a teacher, soon I am sure there will be requirements. In general your post was FANTASTIC and a great take on pole dancing.

YogaMaendy said...

awesome - thanks so much for your post - i did look further into a
Pole Dance Teacher Certification & couldn't find any solid information about it.

I will look into Pole Catz :) I think I see Pole Dancing instructor in my future :)