Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Maendy Mat and Microban Yoga Mats - Reviewed by Me!

So the new Maendy Yoga Mat finally came in and I bought one yesterday. For those of you who aren't familiar with the "Maendy Mat" it is a 6ft x 6ft square yoga mat...and it's named after yours truly :) I brought it home and laid it down in the center of my designated dance room in my apartment. Let me tell you, the mat is HUGE! It's really not the type of mat you'd want to bring to class (unless you want your own personal bubble...I mean cube in class), but it is perfect for home if you've got your own personal Yoga space.

Because the mat is so big, it took up a good portion of my room. And you literally have to walk around it to get to my living room, or my kitchen on the other side now. But because the mat is inescapable, I couldn't help but to do a few yoga postures on the Maendy Mat each time I ventured through the room. One thing I really loved about the Maendy Mat is that I could do a number of different types of postures in sequence without worrying about falling off the mat. I felt like I had this HUGE space for asanas and totally used all of it. I even did 100 crunches, flipped over and cobra stretched it out and never fell off the mat once. My fiance even joined me on the mat for a few stretches.

The Maendy Mat is definitely a great investment if you've got the room for it at home. I'd also recommend the Maendy Mat for Partner Yoga classes. It's definitely large enough to keep two people on the mat at the same time! You can get your own Maendy Mat by clicking here.

The Maendy Mat

Yesterday I also purchased one of our new Microban Yoga Mats. At, we are very excited about these new mats because they literally repel bacteria and fungus, making it the cleanest and freshest yoga mat on the market today. Microban uses Zinc Antimicrobial technology to prevent bacteria and germs from even attaching themselves to the yoga mat. It's all natural, and is not a chemical, so it is completely safe. Also, Microban is put into the yoga mat during its manufacturing, so it protects that mat for life. Because the mat repels bacteria and germs, it actually last longer than most mats that tend to deteriorate over time because of all the washings. Now I am not saying you'll never need to wash the Microban Yoga Mat, but I think it is a great mat to use in any class or studio that makes you sweat your butt off!

I brought the Microban Mat to Bikram Yoga last night and was pleasantly surprised. Though the rug in class smells of old sweat, my yoga mat didn't pick up the scent of it by the end of class, which is something I noticed that my other yoga mats did. The Microban Mat did, however get very slippery once I started sweating. But with a towel over the mat, it wasn't really a problem. After class, I rolled my mat back up tightly without letting it air dry, so today when I unravel it at class, I will see if it smells stinky or not. I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, you can get your own Microban Mat from by clicking here, or if you'd like to learn more about Microban, click here.

Microban Protected Yoga Mats from

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