Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Did I Ever Stop Doing Yoga???

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have stepped into a Yoga studio! I went to a Beginner Kripalu class on Monday with a bunch of co-workers here at YogaDirect and halfway through class I started feeling REALLY strong. Why did I ever stop going? I know I have been very busy with dancing (Soma Dance Company is leaving for their residency in Oklahoma on Sunday!!!), but the Yoga Class made me feel so good that I decided I need to find the time to include it into my weekly routine.

While the Kripalu class was a good class to take to get me back into the swing of things, I am still a big fan of Bikram Yoga, so as soon as I come home from Oklahoma, I am signing up for classes in Farmington. One of my co-workers, Emily goes to Bikram every Monday so I am going to go with her :)

At YogaDirect, we've been brainstorming about new types of Yoga Mats. One of the great new mats we will be offering is the Microban Yoga Mat. We are really excited about these mats because they are not only antimicrobial and anti-fungal, but they also resist bacteria, making the mats last longer. Microban is a safe, green way to make products safer for use because it reduces the spread of illnesses. Those mats should be in later this week!

Another mat idea we have is 6ft x 6ft square yoga mat. This mat is perfect for home use because it allows you to designate a special area in your home just for Yoga, so your practice area is more comfortable. The square mat lets you go from pose to pose without worrying about stepping off the mat! My favorite part about the mat is what we are calling it - The Maendy Mat! I will edit this post before the end of the day to add the link to the pages for the Microban Mats, but we are pre-selling our Maendy Mat - Click Here to purchase your own, and it will be shipped June 15th!

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