Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Orthopedic Boot...

I haven't officially been to a Yoga Class in over two weeks now. My body feels so blah! I am still wearing my orthopedic boot, and though my ankle feels like it is still getting better, I am not sure it is quite there yet. I want to take the boot off, but walking up and down stairs hurts, and so do jumping, pointing my foot and moving my foot inward. Also, when I try to point my foot, a strange hole becomes present on the topside of my foot close to my ankle. It makes me feel like the tendon is no longer attached to whatever it is supposed to be attached to. My MRI is tonight, so that will tell the doctor exactly what is wrong, and I have my follow-up with the doctor on Friday and then I will know if I can go back to Yoga class anytime soon.

I have been still practicing my head stands! I am getting really good - I almost don't need the wall anymore! At least I can still do some Yoga even though I can't move my ankle!

My Headstand


jessieg said...

I've made a goal to practice headstand every evening. I can't seem to find more core to lift up from there. I hope your ankle mends soon. I guess this is given you an opportunity to re-evaluate other poses. You'll probably feel like a different person when you're all better.

YogaMaendy said...

Yes! I practice headstand every evening as well...a few hours after dinner :) One of my instructors told me that inversions are great for keeping your face looking young because it gets the blood flowing in your upper extremities, so I made a point to practice it as much as possible! It's also really built up the muscles in my shoulders and arms.

Yes, this ankle is really testing me as far as movement goes. I am so antsy! I can't wait until it is better...but I can tell you I have a new awareness of muscles and tendons and how they work now. Thanks for your comment :)

Charlotte said...

I went to a new (well new for me) yoga class last week and we practiced headstand, which I was quite excited about because it's not often I do it in a class. I have only ever done it with the security of the wall and was amazed as I looked around and saw every single person(except me) in headstand without the wall! It was pretty cool.

I will join you ladies in your commitment to headstand practice and see if I can't move further into the room!

I am happy to hear you are still finding some poses to give you a bit of that yoga buzz while off the ankle.

YogaMaendy said...

Charlotte - that is so awesome! what kind of yoga class was it? That must have been so cool to see!
Thanks for your comment ;)