Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great Holiday Gifts for Yogis of Any Age

I went to my first Bikram Yoga class after the holidays and it absolutely felt great! I feel like I successfully purged my body of the holiday weekend :)

It's the holiday season at YogaDirect.com and we have a TON of new items, and even a great contest to help celebrate the end of a great year. If you have Yogis on your holiday shopping list, here's a few items that make them smile...

What to buy the new Yogi?

If you are purchasing a gift for the beginner Yogi, a Yoga Kit will be a great gift for them. Or, if they already own the basics, consider giving them a Yoga Mat bag, like our new black Drawstring Yoga Mat Bag, or our beautiful Guatemalan Yoga Mat Bag. Both are beautiful and roomy, and allow enough space inside for your Yoga Mat, keys, license, and more!
Guatemalan Yoga Mat Bag from YogaDirect.com

What to buy the Eco-Friendly Yogi?

Yogis for the environment will love receiving our Water Week 5-pack of BPA-free water bottles. This great 5 pack of colorful water bottles is a great way to keep them hydrated all week. Because they can re-use the bottles, you will be helping them reduce the over 25 million plastic bottles that are thrown out every day!
Water Week water Bottles from YogaDirect.com

Eco-friendly Yogis will also love this "I am not a paper cup" Reusable Porcelain Mug for their coffee and tea! It looks just like a regular paper cup, but it's made of porcelain, and it even has a removable silicone lid!
I Am Not a Paper Cup Porcelain Mug from YogaDirect.com

What to buy the Homeopathic Yogi?

This type of Yogi loves naturopathic remedies, and will absolutely adore this Ceramic Neti Pot as a holiday gift! Using a Neti Pot daily is very easy and can be incorporated into your friend's morning routine as a great first defense against colds, flu, and seasonal allergies!
Ceramic Neti Pot from YogaDirect.com

What to buy the Stylish Yogi?

For the Yogi who is into fashion, why not buy them a great Yoga T-Shirt to wear? Our fun Yoga T-Shirts are perfect to wear in or out of class, and are the softest shirts you will ever feel!
Yoga T-Shirts from YogaDirect.com

What to buy a Yogi children?

Kids absolutely love these fun Children's Yoga Mats, designed exclusively for YogaDirect.com! They come in three bright colors and designs and are the perfect tool for getting children excited about Yoga.
Kids Yoga Mats from YogaDirect.com

What to buy the Bikram or Hot Yoga lover?

For the Hot Yoga Yogi, I suggest getting them one of our innovative Microban Yoga Mats. Microban Yoga Mats feature a Microban® zinc based antimicrobial technology that helps to protect mats against bacteria and fungus that can cause stains and odors! I use mine in Bikarm Yoga all the time & haven't noticed the "sweat" smell on my mat that I used to notice after class!
Microban Yoga Mat from YogaDirect

What to give to your Restorative Yogi fan?

Restorative Yoga is a very relaxing form of Yoga and involves some pretty awesome props! These Yogis would love receiving our bright new 100% Cotton Handmade Yoga Blankets or even our new Silk Neck Pillows. Not only are these two gifts great for Yoga, they also accent a home beautifully.
Silk Neck Pillows from YogaDirect.com

What to buy the Yogi that has EVERYTHING?

If your giving gifts to Yogis in this category, they have probably been taking Yoga for a long time, and most likely have a vast collection of props at their disposal. However, these beautiful gifts will certainly put a smile on any Yogi's face! Our Yoga Posture T-light Candle Holders are perfect for lighting up any room, and make a great addition to any home yoga sanctuary.
Yoga Posture T-Light Candles from YogaDirect.com


Emma said...


Just found your blog. Well done! For the holidays, I tend to donate in yogi friends names... it seems in the tradition :)



YogaMaendy said...

Emma that is a great idea too! I also forgot to mention handmade gifts :)

Have a great holiday!

Kerri said...

Love your blog!! I just bought the Yogoco Yoga bag for my daughter (she is a Yoga instructor in Chicago). The Yogoco Yoga bag is very eco-friendly as it is made from pre-consumer t-shirt scraps.

They are also highly functional (so my daughter tells me) and they are beautiful (even i can tell that).



YogaMaendy said...

Kerri that sounds like an awesome bag! Can you purchase them online? I love gifts that are made of recycled materials!