Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beginner Yogis - and Saying No to Holiday Stress!

I finally convinced my other half that going to a Yoga class would give his aching muscles a stretch. He is always sore when he comes home from work, and since we are both heading toward our *gasp* 30's, we are starting to notice our bodies becoming ornery with us every so often. After having him read my last blog post (I Am Not Flexible Enough for Yoga), he has decided to finally go to a Yoga Class and see what it is all about.

Tonight he will be joining me in an Open Level Class at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, CT. I will keep you posted on how the class goes!

I have also been cleaning my apartment like a mad woman to prepare for the Yoga Party I am having on Thursday. A bunch of friends and friends of friends will be over our place for a Yoga Class! Some of our guests have never taken Yoga before either, so it should be a fun time! We are going to lay down Yoga Mat remnants from YogaDirect all over the floor in our dance room and living-room to accommodate all of the guests!

Here's a photo of our tiny Christmas Tree :) I have always had a fake one growing up, but Nate convinced me we should get a real one this year - and it smells so good!
My Christmas Tree

The holiday season can get pretty stressful, and it is sometimes hard to remember how to relax and let things wash over you. I know for myself, things have gotten a little hectic lately. It is important to continue doing things for yourself that make you happy, and remember that this is the season to celebrate each other and give thanks.

Here are some of the wonderful suggestions my Facebook friends gave when I asked them about some of the ways they relieve stress during the holidays:

Do Secret Santa with your family - that way you only have to buy one gift and you can make it really special and unique to that person. Avoids shopping stress :) x
-Rosanna G.

Pilates, Tai Chi, NLP is also fun
-Peter C.

Chardonnay. Riding my bike or taking a walk. Playing with the dogs.
-Loretta T. W.

Become Grinch
-Sandra L. P.

Loretta is right biking is great, and also check out Bach Sheep May Safely Graze, also Brandenberg Concerto and Mozart 40th Symphony strong hard driving and positive, full of life force energy! Always reminds me of horses racing down a country road.
-Dave D.

-Stephanie M J.

There is a Korean martial art breathing exercise called Neh Gung. I start my mornings at the office doing at least 2 different versions for about 10 minutes. I find it keeps me better centered.
-Wayne B.

Take a candlelight bubble bath with instrumental music and a good book.
-Jessaca G.

Well, if you can just HIDE, that would be your best bet. but if you MUST, wine works well also. And if you can hide and drink wine, you will have the best holidays EVER! LOL
-Shelly T.

Walks at night with my dog through my neighborhood and enjoying the Christmas decorations. It reminds me of the magic feeling the holiday gave me as a child and I love the cold weather.
-Cathy R.

A good 5-10 mile run, nothing clears my head and gets me high like that!
-Kate M. S.

Take time to breathe deeply and remember and focus on the symbols and myths behind the season, both in the pre-Christian, returning of the light and Sacred Earth concepts and in the original Christmas message of the enlightened Christ consciousness, peace, compassion and good will to other members of the human family.
-Lisa M.

Knitting...books on cd..,:-)
-Bee Kind

Learning, living and practicing the word "no" and being okay with it!
-Deb G. P.

-Angela M.

Go for a tattoo!
-Gabor W.

17 comments and no one mentioned... *ahem* ...intimacy?
-Jarrod H.

Go with the flow.
-Stan D.

Drink lots of water, try to take time for yourself for at least an hour a day around troubling family patterns, do yoga even if you don't want to, and do your best to be nice and feel grateful even if you don't want to.
It could be worse. Practice random acts of kindness!

-Brian C.

I think the best thing is to not stray from your typical healthy habits; regular workouts and light, healthy eating. it'll not only manage the stress, but will also help curb the sugar cravings and prevent butt-load. and lots of laughs with people you really like! :)
-Joanne C.

Beginning the day with a warm Abhyanga (self-massage) is my favorite all time stress buster.
-Jackie P.

Hot baths...spending time with people you love and who love you back, cookies :o) Wine :o) Breathing nice and deep :o)
-Sarah S.

Sex =)
-Rachel G. S.

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