Thursday, January 7, 2010

"I've Never Been to a Class Where You Couldn't Make Noise."

In the beginning of the year there's always a lot of newbies in yoga class - which is awesome! The past 3 days I have gone to Bikram Yoga Farmington there's been so many new faces in class. And with that being said there's been a LOT of new noises in class!

Yesterday's noises were more tolerable. The newbies were all respectful of the class and enthusiastically attempted every posture. No one left the room, and when they felt dizzy, they sat down or rested in Savasana. Sure, there was a snorer and a squeaker during the breathing exercise, but that was fine :)

Today, however, was a different story. There were many new students scattered amongst the classroom, and a crew that were buddies were situated behind me. I know I am supposed to just focus on my own practice during class, but when people start cracking up constantly behind me, it is a little harder to stay focused.

I am not sure why they were giggling, but it happened many times, and one woman even left the room because she couldn't contain herself anymore. I felt bad for the instructor who tried over and over to remind people to be quiet in class. While humor is something I enjoy in class, these new students were just being disrespectful.

On the other end of the room, another new student, who had her hair down and played with it the whole class, was constantly making loud straining noises during every posture. I know the class is probably the hardest thing some people will ever do in their lives, but she should have listened to the instructor when he told everyone that the battle is all in your mind. You body is capable of doing everything in class - it's your mind hat makes you believe you can't.

I could tell this woman completely hated the class. Even worse was when it was all finished and we were in the lobby putting our shoes on, this woman decided she would mock us all before she made her grand exit by exclaiming loudly, "I have never been to a class where you couldn't make any noise." Then she slipped out the door, never to return.

If it is your first time going to ANY class, you should go with an open mind. If these new people had questions, that is why the instructor is there. I know for myself, I enjoy Bikram Yoga so much because of the discipline. I love when the whole class is flowing with energy and it drives me. When everyone focuses and tries as hard as they can it is amazingly energizing. It is my sanctuary!

I hope I don't sound like too much of a Bikram Yoga snob by posting this blog. It upset me that this woman had such a bad time in class. But then again, as I stated before, Bikram Yoga isn't for everyone. Hopefully she will find her niche.

With that said, I need to continue focusing on my own practice :)


Amy said...

bikram snob

Amy said...

kidding. Agreed. Flow with the class. If you can't handle be respectful enough to wait till after you leave to giggle and talk shit.

YogaMaendy said...

LOL!!!!!! Oh Amy :) exactly