Monday, January 4, 2010

Congrats to BlackBird Yoga - Best Yoga Studio of 2009!

Happy New Year! I am pleased to announce the winner of our Best Yoga Studio of 2009 contest - Blackbird Yoga!

The contest was open to all Yoga studios in the United States and the last day for submission was December 18th, 2009. Winners received a $25.00 Gift Certificate to and a year's supply of Charter Oak Yoga Mat Cleaner from YogaDirect.

When I first started receiving nominations for Blackbird Yoga, I was surprised to discover they were in Georgetown, Connecticut! Though I had never heard of either the town or the studio, so many nominations arrived in my inbox for Blackbird Yoga, I had to take notice! The students at Blackbird Yoga were passionate enough to overwhelmingly nominate their studio to our contest, so this studio MUST be something special!

Blackbird Yoga

Read this blurb about the studio from Blackbird Yoga's website:

Blackbird Yoga is a progressive yoga studio in Georgetown, Connecticut for all people with a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere. Our teachers are well trained professionals who love what they do and thrive on your success. Our 1500 sq. ft. sun drenched studio and impeccable decor is a sanctuary to those looking to de-stress, exercise and improve their overall well-being.

According to their website, Blackbird Yoga was founded in 2009 by Linda Colletta, a gymnast, runner, and Yogi. The studio offers TONS of daily classes including Flow, Foundation, Anusara, Yin, and even special classes for children, teens, and families. In addition to Yoga classes, the studio also has Massage Therapy, Life Coaching, and Thai Bodywork available. Every Sunday, the studio even offers a free Yoga class, intended to attract beginners.

Blackbird Yoga

The studio's website is absolutely gorgeous (check it out!). Blackbird Yoga also has a great Blog, and is very active on Facebook and Twitter. Though the studio is on the other side of Connecticut, I plan on making a trip down there to check it out! Until then, congratulations Blackbird Yoga! Here's to an even better 2010!

Honorable mention goes to Yahweh Yoga Christian Yoga Teaching Academy, who also received a substantial amount of nominations. Congratulations to all who entered!


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Anonymous said...

Blackbird is lovely but you may want to check out the brand new Buddhi Mat Yoga for 2010 in nearby Ridgefield...I'd vote for that studio for sure. No offense to Blackbirders though :)

YogaMaendy said...

Ohh I used to go to the Ridgefield Conservatory for modern dance! :) This year you should nominate Buddhi Mat Yoga for Studio of the Year when we run the contest again :)