Monday, August 10, 2009

I Took a Trapeze Class in Boston!

I went to the foot doctor on Friday to find out the results of the MRI they took of my ankle. It turns out that I hadn't torn a tendon in my ankle, as the doctor originally thought. The MRI showed that I have 3 cysts in my ankle, above my heel bone. He also mentioned about the random marble-sized bone I have hanging out in my ankle as well, and he thinks I may have ruptured one of the cysts, and the synovial fluid from the cyst caused inflammation and pain. He recommended I keep the orthopedic boot on for another two weeks. I think I am going to try to get a second opinion because I think I need a sports medicine doctor, as this guy told me I'd never be able to point my toe again and my dancing days are over.

Anyways, in spite of my ankle problems, I went to Boston yesterday with my fiance and some friends and we all took a trapeze class at TSNY Beantown! It was the perfect activity for me, since you don't put weight on your feet when you are flying in the air, so I knew my ankle wouldn't be harmed! I was very nervous at first, just waiting on the 23 foot tall platform before my first try at the trapeze. Though they showed us what we would be doing in the air while we were still on the ground, I still felt jittery and unprepared when I had my hands on the trapeze.

When you are standing on the platform, they strap you in, you chalk up your hands, and then the instructor tells you to put your toes on the edge, lean forward with your hips, shoulders back, and as they hold on to you, you slowly grab on to the trapeze one hand at a time. Then they say, "Ready," which means you bend your knees. And the next cue they give you is to JUMP!

Immediately you are swinging into the air, and a great rush of adrenaline overtakes you. But, this is a class, and the instructor is calling you on the microphone, instructing you exactly when you should tuck your knees in, and up into a knee hang.

Being upside down in a knee hang on a swinging trapeze is so much fun! They tell you to reach your arms back and arch your back as much as you can when you learn knee hang, so you'll be ready later for a catch. Below is an image from the TSNY website, showing a knee hang (this is not me :)

Knee Hang

Then, once you get a good knee hang, the instructor tell you when to come back up and hold on with your hands to swing normally again. At the end, the instructor tells you how to prep for a back-flip dismount, which seems crazy and impossible when you watch it, but when you actually try it, comes really naturally. And then you land gracefully on the nets below.

After I practiced the knee hang and back-flip a few times, the instructors taught us a new trick - the SPLIT. Yes, the name is very intimidating, and so is the move. The image below is from the TSNY Beantown website, and it shows a girl doing a split trick on the trapeze. Basically, you are holding a split upside down. It was probably the hardest trick I learned that day!

The Split

I tried the Split two times, before they stopped us to teach us one last trick - THE CATCH! One of the instructors went up and began hanging on a trapeze next to the one we had been using. Before we got up, we were told to start the catch from a knee hang position. The only difference was that this time, if we chickened out at the platform and did not jump when instructed, the timing of the catch would be messed up and it wouldn't work right. I was incredibly nervous about messing up the catch because I didn't want to mess up the instructor as well, so I was very proud of myself that I successfully did the catch 2 times before the class was over. Here's a photo from the TSNY Beantown website showing a catch from a knee hang.

A Catch

The Trapeze Class was two hours of fun - and I feel like I did something that really tested my limits. I would recommend that if you are near a trapeze school, you should definitely check it out! They have locations in Washington DC, NYC, Boston, and more! I am really sore today, though...and so is my fiance, who is not really used to physical activity like that. He ended up taking the day off today to rest his aching muscles!

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