Friday, October 9, 2009

Day #4 Of Yoga in My Pajamas...

Yesterday I had absolutely nothing to do when I got home from work. It was a nice change from the running around I had been doing the past few days. So I made some spaghetti and sat down with Nathan and we enjoyed dinner together.

A few hours after dinner, I decided instead of doing a Yoga DVD, I was going to just go through every Yoga pose I knew, one at a time. I started off by doing just some Sun Salutations to warm up. Then I did all of the Bikram Yoga postures first. Since I had been going to class for over 3 years now, I know them in order pretty well. It was really different to do them in a non-heated room. I started off by doing all of the postures two times, like a regular Bikram class, but when I got to Trikonasana, I switched to only doing one set. It wasn't because I was lazy, I just didn't want to be doing Yoga all night long...I know a lot of postures!

When I was done with the Bikram series, I stood back up and began doing Warrior series. I was amazed to see how stretched and open I was. I guess Bikram really does do a great job of stretching all of your muscles!

At the end, I tried some inverted postures. I began with my new favorite: Crow. After a few tries, I managed to stay in the posture for about 3 minutes before my arms started shaking. I then did a supported handstand. I first tried it without the wall, and kept losing my balance, so I did it up against the wall and stayed in the posture for about 5 minutes. My cat kept coming over to my upside down face & brushing up against me like he was saying, "Why are you upside down?" When I was done with the supported headstand, I tried the tripod version. I am just starting to do this headstand, so I am not very good at it. After trying many times, I decided to just lay in savasana instead. I was pretty worn out at that point, as I had been doing postures for over two hours! Man, what a home class!

Tonight I am going to do either a Yoga DVD or see what FitTV has to offer. Or maybe I will take YogaToday's free class again, since it was such a good one on Monday. I will keep you posted!


Eco Yogini said...

hey- thanks for visiting my space! I totally relate- Lulu clothing is TOO expensive :)

I have also done yoga in my PJ's- i find that I'm more in 'yoga mode' when I put on actual yoga clothing- but PJ's work just as well.

It's been interesting reading about your experience- thanks for sharing!
How did it end btw?

YogaMaendy said...

You're right! I do feel more in "Yoga Mode" when I wear Yoga clothing as well! That's kind of like when I go to ballet class, my friends and I joke about our "magic skirts," as if our ballet skirts made us dance better :)

Thanks for reading! I totally forgot to post my Friday night experience of Yoga in my PJ's! I ended up taking it easy that night and did a few Sun Salutations, but ended in restorative postures - I was really sore from the super long session the night before!