Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yoga with Live DJ's and BPA-Free Water Bottles

I am really excited about tomorrow because I am taking a 2 hour long hot Power Yoga class at Samadhi Yoga Studios in South Windsor from 6-8pm. I am especially excited because my man Nathan (aka DJ Originate) and his friend Nick Ricciardi will be spinning live sets during the class! It should be a really fun time. I met the instructor, Alysse Melville, last night because she and Nick came over our apartment to practice, and she is awesome!

I am pretty sure the class is still open, so if you are in the area, you should come and join!

Also, if you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you have been reading about BPA, one of the harsh chemicals found in certain #3 and #7 plastics, and now in some canned goods. BPA has been linked to causing cancer and other problems, and Connecticut has been the first state to actually ban the chemical from being used in products. The ban won't go into effect until 2011, but in the meantime, it is best advised to look for BPA free products.

At, we carry a set of 5 BPA-Free, re-usable water bottles called Water Week. When we first had them in stock, they sold out like hot cakes! But I am happy to announce that they will be back in stock again by tomorrow (10/30/09). I am definitely getting my own this time! There's 5 in the pack, and they suggest you fill them all up at the beginning of the week, and take one to work with you every day to promote staying hydrated! They are also really bright and cheerful looking :) And for only $21.99 for all 5 bottles, it's a steal! Check 'em out:

Water Week BPA-Free Bottles from


Canada Guy said...

We all know disposable water bottles are wasteful and bad for the environment, yet their production is growing rapidly everywhere. Just 20 years ago the market for plastic water bottles was practically nonexistent, but today we produce billions of these completely unnecessary products. There can be only one sane response, plastic water bottles must be banned!

YogaMaendy said...

I agree! I was just having a discussion with my friend Amy about that! We also agreed that plastic bags at grocery stores should also be banned.
Thank you for that link!